We pride ourselves on our hands on physiotherapy and aim to help you improve overall body awareness and helping you to find the correct self-management path. Book in to see one of our physiotherapists today

Biomechanical Bike Fit

A Biomechanical Bike Fit is a specialised service offered at corehealth for cyclists, whether you are a professional cyclist or recreational cyclist. The bike fit combines physiotherapy, exercise science, biomechanics and bike mechanics

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology is a scientifically based approach to exercise, taking into account how the body responds and adapts to acute and repetitive exposure to different forms of exercise


We offer 26 pilates classes a week and one on one sessions using clinical pilates equipment and mat based exercises. Our classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists

Remedial Massage

We offer sports and deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, pregnancy and lymphatic drainage. All massages are taken by our physiotherapists


Our physiotherapists are qualified practitioners of western acupuncture and dry needling. It is used in our treatment sessions to assist in alleviating your pain or muscular tightness