November Newsletter 2016

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This month’s success story is about an amazing character and a long term corehealth client!

Hayfever is the killer of spring, learn the preventatives in order to avoid it!

Read up on all the news reguarly happening here at corehealth!

Tis the season of seafood! Try our healthy alternative to a seafood paella this month.


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Let’s Talk Health – Hay Fever; Springs Worst Feature
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Recipe of the Month – Spanish Seafood Rice

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corehealth Inspiration

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”
– Joseph Pilates

corehealth Regular Champions

Success Story – Libby Griffith 

Libby Griffith is a recently retired criminal lawyer who has been working with us since 2009. Libby worked for 26 years both on the defence and prosecution sides and found it a very exciting job but the long hours were ultimately very draining on her health.

Libby first stumbled upon corehealth while walking down the Parade feeling miserable with painful tendonitis in both of her forearms lower back, shoulders and knee, not to mention a history of 40 years of “pursuit of bad habits”. Simply put she describes herself as a “wreck” when she first came to us. Libby saw our director Amir who told her that we could fix her tendonitis in 3 months but it would require a strong commitment on her side. Well she did commit and has never looked back since. Her tendonitis was all but gone after 3 months and she learned that she didn’t have to keep living with her other pains so has since made a commitment to the improvement of the whole of her body.

Over the past 7 years Libby has been aiming to attend corehealth three times per week, working mainly with our Exercise Physiologists doing cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and Pilates training in each session. There were always hard times due to Libby’s hectic work life but she showed great determination; when she had occasional flare-ups of her various issues she was quickly put back on track by our Physiotherapists. Libby describes always having been “hopelessly unco” but has progressed from simple exercises to complicated multi-limb exercises that would be enough to challenge any athlete! She has seen improvements in her strength, endurance, posture, energy levels and body awareness, in addition to weight loss.

When Libby retired at the beginning of the year she was finally able to give her body all of the attention it deserves. She set out to give herself a relaxing year, allowing herself to experience a normal day-to-day life that she had missed out on. Despite this she has been keeping busy with casual teaching work at the Law school and big kitchen renovations (what was going to be a simple renovation has escalated to marble bench tops and porcelain tiles, much to our amusement). She has been able to pursue her sessions with us more single-mindedly and her immune system has also flourished with all of the sleep and stress-free days it is getting! Libby plans to get back into some travel next year to South-East Asia and Europe, she also wants to explore voluntary work and has been reacquainting herself with the guitar. We are looking forward to helping Libby keep reaching her goals in continuing to lose weight and improve her strength and fitness.

– Written by Steph Folley

Let’s Talk Health

Hay Fever – Springs Worst Feature

Spring has finally sprung, and the warmer weather will most likely put a smile on your face. Although, spring is not for everyone as there is increased pollen in the air the associated allergies can become irritating for some people.

Hay fever is an allergy, also known as Allergic rhinitis, that people suffer from caused by environmental allergens. These allergens include pollen, dust, mould or animal hair which irritates the mucous membrane of the eyes and nose. This can cause inflammation, a runny nose and watery eyes. Hay fever is mainly associated with spring, some people suffer from it all year round known as perennial allergic rhinitis.

Hay fever is an allergic reaction that is caused by the pollen/dust that become entrapped within the hairs and mucus that line the nasal passages. The body sees these harmless particles as a threat to the system and therefore attacks the particles by producing mucous and inflammation around the area.

To reduce the symptoms of hay fever there are a few things you can do;

– Stay indoors when the pollen count is high and on very windy day
– When choosing plants for the garden, choose flowers that are pollinated by insects or birds rather than release their own seeds
– Don’t hang sheets out to dry on high pollen days because they will bring pollen into your bedroom
– Splash the eyes with cold water to rid of any pollen days
– Using eye drops can relieve itchiness and swelling within the eyes
– Decongestant Nasal Sprays can act as a quick relief
– Antihistamine medications can decrease the swelling, itching and sneezing that may be associated with hay fever

Consult your doctor or local pharmacists to assist in the best treatment for you, depending on the severity and symptoms of your Hay fever.


– Written by Courtney Hutton

corehealth News


One of our regulars and much loved clients Ean, recently partcipated in the Annual Tatiara Walk Run Ride. It is held Annually to encourage excercise in the community. Ean competed in the Tatiara 40km Ride and won! He loves his cycling almost as much as he loves getting on the wattbike and beating his 3 minute test record times. What a photo finish! Congratulations Ean!

Festive Season Pre-pay

With the festive season fast approaching once again, we are making extra effort to ensure your appointments are uninterrupted. As such from the 1st of December unti the 15th of January, we will commence prepayment of all appointments a week in advance. All cancellations must also be made one week in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Recipe of the Month

Spanish Seafood Rice

Try this super easy and healthy version of a seafood paella all cooked in one pan!


1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 red and 1 yellow pepper, deseeded and sliced
2 garlic cloves, sliced
250g paella rice
850ml hot vegetable stock
pinch saffron
400g seafood mix (marinara mix)
juice ½ small lemon
handful flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped
salt and pepper to taste


1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and soften the onion for 6-7 mins. Add the pepper and garlic, cook for 2 mins more, then stir in the paella rice and cook for 1 min, stirring to coat.
2. Pour in the stock, add the saffron and bring to the boil. Cook, uncovered, at a gentle bubble, for 20 mins, stirring occasionally until the rice is tender.
3. Stir in the seafood and lemon juice and cook for 2 mins or until piping hot and completely cooked through.
4. Serve in warm bowls scattered with the parsley.

– Suggested by Marissa Carter