February Newsletter 2018

February Newsletter

This month our corehealth regular champion is a much loved and family oreintated client around here

See some stunning photos from all the staff’s holiday travels!

This month enjoy a healthy and easy snack, definitley one for the lunchbox and handbag!


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Recipe of the Month – Nutty Apricot Slice

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corehealth Inspiration

“When I get up and work out, I am working out just as much for my children as I am for me. I want them to see a parent who invests in themselves as much as they invest in their children. It is about letting them know as young people, it is okay to put YOURSELF a little higher on your priority list.”
– Michelle Obama

corehealth Regular Champion

This month’s regular champion is a thoughtful, caring and above all strong mother of three. She came to us not too long ago and then brought all three children into the corehealth clinic as well!

Tell us a little about yourself…

Well I’m 53 years old, I have three children, I work at St Mary’s College as personal assistant to the deputy principal, which I love, particularly working with the students, I do a lot of work with the Year 11s. In my spare time, I like to read and of course do lots of exercise, and cooking is something I love to do as well. And I have a beautiful cocker spaniel called Bella who I love to bits. Before I worked at St Mary’s I was at home with the children; I had three children under five so it was very busy and my husband was away a lot for work. Before that I worked for the ANZ bank for 20 years and was at middle management level when I eventually decided to leave after having my third child, which was a very hard decision.

What first brought you to corehealth?

For a few years I had been suffering from tendonitis and bursitis in my hip and had been doing Pilates at a different studio, however the instructor I had been seeing left and it was a bit far from home so I thought, “maybe I’ll try somewhere else”. A friend of a friend recommended corehealth, so I tried it and it was one of the best things I ever did. The first person I met was Michelle and she made me feel comfortable straight away. I had suffered from some mental health issues so coming into a new environment was quite difficult for me, I just wanted to do one-on-one Pilates sessions and Michelle was very understanding of that, she didn’t pressure me at all to go into classes. It moved on from there; I developed blood pressure issues and my doctor suggested I lose some weight so then I met with Amir. I wasn’t sure what to expect as he is such a big personality and I was a bit nervous and insecure, but he was amazing and has been ever since.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of your sessions here?

Hate the bike! Just ask Matt! It was funny, the other day I had Lucy taking my session for the first time and we did the first half of the bike part, then she gave the option to finish the second half or do agility work instead, and I said “anything but the bike!” The rest of it I wouldn’t have a favourite, I enjoy the Pilates, I enjoy all of the weights and everything else I do as part of my EP sessions. I love the inclusivity of corehealth and the fact that even though you’re a young team of people, any age group feels welcome. You can go to the gym and feel like you’re on show, like you have to make a good impression, here you cross those age barriers and I don’t think anyone feels intimidated or like they have to do anything or be anything other than themselves.

You’ve brought in all of your children to corehealth at some point in time – how has that been? Is it odd now being greeted by one of your daughters on our reception?

No it’s lovely actually, it’s just how things work out and I think when you’re really happy with an organisation and the way they treat their clients, you’re going to recommended it to the people you care about. Sophie came in because she wanted to build up her strength before a backpacking holiday, Alice came in after coming back from England as she was getting back aches, and Nick came in when he hurt his shoulder and needed some motivation to get back into exercise.

What are your goals leading forward, both at corehealth and outside here?

Here it would definitely to be to keep improving my fitness, lose weight, and work towards not having any blood pressure problems. Generally having a stronger healthier body, and as Amir says the weight loss comes with that. In my personal life: just to be happy and content, which I am at the moment, life is good. The kids are all happy, I love having them all home, and the simple life is all I need.

-Written by Steph Folley

corehealth News


Over the Christmas/New Years holidays we all enjoyed some time off and separated across the country and world! Michelle and Sarah were lucky enough to jet set off to Japan, Michelle celebrated her honeymoon with Liam which Sarah did not crash just by the way! Matt went on a cruise to the Pacific Islands, Amir travelled to Tasmania, Celine visited friends in Melbourne, Steph road tripped along the Great Ocean Road while Marissa and Lucy ventured off down Yorke Peninsula to Marion Bay and Innes National Park.

Be sure to ask everyone about their exciting travels and have a look at some photos for yourself and guess which one was taken where!


Our Strongkids program was another huge success this year! We are so proud of all the kids involved and hope they are happy with themselves as well. Until next time! Make sure to enrol your child for our next program at the end of the year!

Goodbyes and Hellos

As most of you know by now we said goodbye to our wonderful Exercise Scientist Courtney last year as she is going back to University to study. While we are very proud of her we will all miss her terribly and appreciate the fun vibe she always brought into the clinic! And while we said goodbye to her we welcomed another Exercise Scientist into the corehealth family, Lucy! Most of you have probably seen her face around a lot by now or even be lucky enough to work with her but we would love eveyrone to give her a warm welcome as you always do! We also said goodbye to our part time admin Ellen and welcome Alice – you will see her around during the week and on Saturdays! We are looking forward to our next chapter this year with some new faces.

Recipe of the Month

Nutty Apricot Slice

This month’s recipe was actually given to us by one of our baking clients and we couldn’t help but try it ourselves!


 3 cups rolled oats
175g dried apricots, chopped
250gm of milk-choc bits
¾ cup pepita seeds
½ cup sesame
100g flaked almonds
1 cup desiccated coconut
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup crunchy peanut butter
½ cup honey
150g butter
A pinch of salt


Step 1: Line a 20cm x 30cm slab pan with baking paper (leave 2 sides overhanging).

Step 2: Place the oats, apricot, milk-choc bits, pepitas, sesame seeds, almonds and coconut in a bowl, and stir to combine.

Step 3: Place the rapadura sugar, peanut butter, honey and butter in a saucepan. Heat over a medium heat until melted, then pour over the oat mixture in bowl. Toss until well combined.

Step 4: Press mixture into the pan and use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface.

Step 5: Place in the fridge for several hours, or overnight until firm.

Step 6: Cut into pieces, to serve.

– Suggested by Marissa