Biomechanical Bike Fit

A Biomechanical Bike Fit is a specialised service offered at corehealth for cyclists, whether you are a professional cyclist or recreational cyclist. Our bike fits are specialised and completed by our director Amir Sela, who has international experience fitting racing bikes on the professional circuit along with mountain biking. The bike fit combines physiotherapy, exercise science, biomechanics and bike mechanics to give you the best fit possible on your bike.

During the bike fit assessment your posture, muscular composition and biomechanical alignment will be assessed. As we are all asymmetrical, it is vital that your body be fitted to your symmetrical bike, allowing maximal performance and comfort. Once your body is assessed, calculations are then used to fit your body to your bike in a way that optimises your cycling efficiency and minimises the load placed on your joints, reducing the chance of long term injuries.

All bike club association members who present their membership will receive 10% off. There are no private health fund rebates for bike fits.