Pilates is a low impact form of exercise and rehabilitation and is suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and rehabilitation stages. At corehealth, we offer Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is performed on various pieces of equipment using spring loaded resistance and pulley systems. Pilates can be completed in a position where you are completely supported, placing minimal load on the body and joints; important for those in early stages of rehabilitation, early pre-natal or history of reduced activity levels. For those of you who are more advanced and have perhaps performed Pilates previously, exercises can be progressed to unsupported against body weight and / or gravity.

Pilates is used to strengthen your core and trunk strength, allowing you to provide the spine more stability while performing movements at the upper and lower extremities. This is important for improving your posture, flexibility, pelvic floor and overall strength. Due to the fact Pilates can be performed fully supported, it as an ideal exercise based treatment if you are requiring rehabilitation for lower back pain, injuries of the upper and lower extremities or looking for general overall strengthening.

Corehealth offers Clinical Pilates in group classes or individual sessions. If you think group classes are for you, an initial assessment will be completed by one of our Physiotherapists where your posture, muscular composition and any injuries / pathologies will be fully assessed. Following individual coaching sessions, instructing you on how to use the equipment and perform your exercises safely, our Physiotherapist will then design an individual tailor-made program based on your needs and goals. Your program is reviewed every 3 months to ensure continued strength and flexibility gains.

Corehealth currently has Pilates clients from a variety of backgrounds including circus performers, professional athletes, pregnant women, new mums and those suffering from chronic illnesses. You don’t have to fit into one of those categories to participate in Pilates, we have the ability to design your program based on your own specific needs. As Joseph Pilates said ‘Do as much as needed and as little as possible’.

Our classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists with private health rebates available. Please click here our class timetable.