Pregnancy & Postnatal

Before, during and after pregnancy, you may experience a myriad of issues as your body is undergoing changes throughout every stage. Some common complaints you may experience might include upper and lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, pelvis pain and pelvic floor weakness/urinary incontinence. During pregnancy, our experienced physiotherapists will be able to help you with managing these issues by incorporating hands on therapy to help relieve pain and stiffness. Emphasis is also placed on education of pelvic floor function and activation in order to help you combat future incontinence issues. In our clinic we provide a diagnostic ultrasound scan to provide you with feedback on correct contraction of your pelvic floor muscles and core abdominal muscles.

Our management will also change to suit your needs as you progress along your pregnancy. Low impact exercises through our clinical Pilates equipment are safe and very beneficial for strengthening your overall body and especially your core musculature.

To help with your body’s recovery after birth, our qualified team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can provide you with an individualized management program to help you return to the level of fitness you had prior to being pregnant while taking into consideration the precautions and contraindications after birth.

Give us a call on 8364 3004 for an appointment to talk to one of our highly qualified staff about any issues you may be experiencing before, during and after birth!