Real Time Ultra Sound

When dealing with diagnosis, ultra sound is one of the best, most cost effective and non-invasive tool. We use a high end Real Time Ultra Sound machine parentally at corehealth which enables us to train you and provide you with better skills and understanding of when and what your body is doing/contracting.

The Real Time Ultra-Sound (RTUS) uses high frequency sound waves to reflect and provide an image of the layers within your body. The use of RTUS is completely safe and harmless and has NO radiation. As such, the process is non-invasive and can be done repetitively.

Using a convex probe and gel, the specialist scans the area to be investigated and can determine various observations such as the efficiency of muscle contraction, discrepancies between right and left musculature, muscle tears plus more.

So what is the Real Time-Ultra used for at corehealth?

  • Lower Back Pain: RTUS can be used to investigate how your core muscles are responding to the pain you are feeling and can be used as a feedback mechanism to improve your core contraction control.
  • Women’s Health Issues: pelvic floor issues, incontinency, pre/post natal complications are all common experiences after birth or it can develop once a female becomes middle aged. With RTUS we can instruct and train you to have a safer pregnancy and improve recovery after birth.
  • Muscle Activation Feedback: Have you ever had trouble with feeling the right muscle working during an exercise? Well, RTUS can be used to determine if you are activating the correct muscles and if you are co-contracting other unnecessary ones. This is vital for any athlete be it professional or recreational activities.
  • Occupational Hazards: Being seated all day in front of a computer or working as a tiler sounds like two different jobs but actually has a similar characteristic i.e. the load onto the spine. Therefore there will be a consistent loading onto the spine especially of the lower back as this carries the weight of your trunk. RTUS will enable us to detect when you are contracting and using your postural muscles so we can provide you training exercises specific for these regions and prevent future injuries.
  • High Level Sporting Activities: High functional movement activities under stress such as football, rockclimbing, golfing, and skiing to name a few, create immense demands of your postural and paraspinal muscles. Training with RTUS will ensure that if you do become injured it will be because you pushed yourself harder during sport and not because you were underprepared.

At corehealth, our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists have been thoroughly trained and have been active participants in ultra-sound techniques, enabling the best results for our clients. At corehealth, we mainly focus on scanning of spinal and abdominal contraction along with contraction of the stabilising muscles of the shoulder and knee.

Please enquire for any more information or if you would like to book your Real Time Ultra Sound assessment!