Why StretchUp?

Increase Flexibility:

Eliminates constriction of movement,

Reduces your susceptibility to muscle, tendon and joint injuries,

Restores balance,

Removes stiffness, and

Decreases risks of falls and subsequent injuries.

Increase Circulation:

Making your arteries more supple and efficient at circulating blood,

Increasing blood flow and supply of nutrients to muscles and cartilage, and

Reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

Reduce Stress:

Relieves tension in the muscles.

The same endorphin-boosting effects that all exercise gives.

Relieve Pain:

Targets tight muscles contributing to poor postural habits.

StretchUp! classes are suitable for anyone and of any age however we do recommend that you book in for an initial assessment before attending classes. What a great contributor to your current Exercise Physiology or Pilates management!

Stretching is beneficial for everyone, so StretchUp!

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