We strongly believe that physical activity plays an extremely important role in children’s physical health and mental wellbeing. It also builds a strong foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle in their adult life.

Corehealth’s strongkids program is specifically developed to help encourage physical activity in children through fun and interactive exercises, encouraging them to take ownership of their well-being and lifestyle habits. Furthermore, it serves as a preventative measure for sporting injuries, future adult chronic / musculoskeletal problems and helps improve their self-esteem. An individual assessment will allow us to design an individualised program for your child, taking into considering his/her strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs. The #strongkids program is suitable for children of all fitness levels from ages 6 – 16 years. Sessions run from 30 – 60 mins, depending on each child’s fitness level and attention span.

strongkids Summer School Holiday Program

The strongkids Summer Program runs annually during the December – February school holidays over 12 weeks, with a different theme each year. Conducted in a fun and interactive group setting, the program fosters sportsmanship and teamwork in the children and enhances their knowledge of healthy lifestyle habits and anatomical movements. Fitness assessments will be conducted at the beginning and end of the program to determine each child’s strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs. At the end of the program, an individual report will be written for your child with recommendations specific to his / her needs.

strongkids off season!

We do also offer one on one sessions for children of all fitness levels and abilities at corehealth during any time of the year. Call up to book your child in for an initial assessment on 8364 3004.

Dates for 2018 – 2019  will be released in November 2018.