Whether you are looking to improve your general health and fitness or improving your cycling performance, Wattbike is your perfect solution. Deemed as a revolutionary indoor bike endorsed by British Cycling, the Wattbike is the go-to bike for everyone, whether amateur or professional. Unlike other indoor bikes, the Wattbike is fully adjustable to fit any individual. It also features a variable wind and magnetic resistance giving you full control of the desired resistance and power output, whilst giving you a ‘real ride feel’ of cycling outside.

At corehealth, the Wattbike is utilised in multiple aspects, particularly in rehabilitation and athletic performance. Furthermore, to help maximise your workout sessions, a tailor-made cycling program will be designed to help you achieve your goals.

What should I do prior to my session?

Ring us to book in for a self-training session

Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the session for a mini-induction and bike set-up by one of our friendly staff

What should I bring for a Wattbike session?

Comfortable tight fitting clothing, ideally cycling knicks

Cycling shoes (if you own a pair)

Water bottle


How long do the sessions go for?

Sessions range from 30 – 60 minutes

How do I get a tailored cycling program?

A Functional Threshold Test will be conducted in order to design a cycling program specific to your needs and goals.


For more information on Wattbike, click here https://wattbike.com/uk/